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smashed caulflower and broccoli (vegan)

– half caulflower – a quarter broccoli  – oats milk – salt and pepper I started with the caulflower, cut it in small pieces and boiled it. then I cut and bolied the broccoli because I found broccoli I didn’t thought I had. then I took the veggies in a blender with a little of… Continue reading smashed caulflower and broccoli (vegan)

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smashed sweet potato and carrot dish (vegetarian)

This is what I made for dinner today (for one person). 1 carrot a quarter of sweet potato 2 slices of zucchini  cheese salt and peber The first thing I did, was to cut the carrot and sweet potato in pieces. Then I took some salt, peber and water in a pot and boiled it… Continue reading smashed sweet potato and carrot dish (vegetarian)