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coconut veggies with rice (vegan dish)

Carrots, 5. White cabbage, less than a half. White onion, 1. Coconut milk. Celery, 1 piece. Chili, how spicey you like it. Tomato paste, 1 tea spoon. Salt and pepper. First thing I did was, take a blender. and blend the cabbage. Then I blended the carrots and celery. And the onion. And warmed it… Continue reading coconut veggies with rice (vegan dish)

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Healthy Breakfast Muffins (lunch idea)

What you need: 40 g flour 45 g oats 5 g coconut flour 1 teas spoon salt 1 tea spoon baking powder 2 teaspoon vanilla powder 1 large grated carrot 1,5 cup greek yogurt 1 table spoon butter 2 large eggs 200 g chocolate 3 table spoon chia seeds Preheat the oven 180 degrees, hot… Continue reading Healthy Breakfast Muffins (lunch idea)

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oat meal with baked apples (1 person)

For this dish, you need: 2 apples chia seeds, I usee 3 table spoons cinnamon, 3 tea spoon. vanilla powder, 2 tea spoon. oats, half a cup water, 1 cup. syrup, 2 tea spoon The first thing that I did was to cut up the apples and take off the skin like this. Then I… Continue reading oat meal with baked apples (1 person)

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my own vegetarian leftovers dish (for 1 person)

For this dish I used leftovers from my refrigerator: Cold cooked potatos, a handfull Grated carrot, a handfull White cabbage, 2 leafs Cream, 2 table spoon Pesto, 2 tea spoon Garlic, 1 clove Chili mix Paprika Salt, Pepper First thing I did was to take some coconut oil in a pot. Then I took the… Continue reading my own vegetarian leftovers dish (for 1 person)

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caulflower tortillas (vegan)

one whole caulflower salt and peber one tea spoon chia seeds one tea spoon oregano The first thing I do, is blend the chia seeds, oregano, salt and peber. Then I head it in the microwave for 4 minutes.  Then I seed all the juice out from the caulflower.  I took a little soya milk… Continue reading caulflower tortillas (vegan)