My summer plants

  • Climbing a wall – I haven’t done that since I was a kid and this summer I wanna do new and exciting stuff.
  • Picnic – this summer I will have some picnics and just relax with food and having a good time.
  • New recipes – try some new and good, healthy summer recipes.
  • Having a barbecue – no summer without having a barbecue.
  • Make some home made icecream – yes I like to make some healthy and new easy stuff.
  • Eat icecream – it is not summer without eating alot of icecreams!!
  • Work out – yes, I have to work out so I can be a hot babe for this summer.
  • On the Beach – No summer without going to the beach!!! And if I work out and have a good body, there’s no excuse for being on the beach.
  • Bowling – I want to go bowling this summer!! it’s been too long since I have done that.
  • Shopping day – NO summer without a day filled with shopping!!!
  • Sail in a boat – just take some food and sail in a boat you have to sail yourself.

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