Permenant curls


I got my hair curled permanently, and there are some bad things about it from the first half year I didn’t know anything about before I got curly hair myself.

I had only heard good things about permanting your hair curly, everybody told me it would look so pretty on me. I had the offer to get it curled if I did it today and it was a very very cheap, I thougt “let’s do it”. You can’t truely see how it looks oon you before you got it, and I thought “it’s time for a change”.

The hairdresser said it would last 6 months, but it’s been a year now and it’s still there so it has last long on me. I am so glad that it has turned pretty now because my hear grew long and there are no loger curls on the top of my head.

The first 6 months was a curly-hell, it was like my hair was dreaded like dreadlocks. The curls was sitting together like dreadlock and if I could brush my hair there would be so much hair falling off and it would take hours to brush. It hurt alot and I had to brush my hair 2-3 times a day or else my whole hair would sit together like one big dreadlock.

I think the only good part with about experience is that the first 6 months, my hair was never oily and gross. So i didn’t have to wash my hair that mush because washing my hair was also a problem because of the curls. I just didn’t thought it looked pretty on me.

I would definitely not recommend anybody to get there hair permanently done with curls!! I learned that my hair is just as good as it is.

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5 thoughts on “Permenant curls

  1. You have beautiful hair. Many years ago I got a permanent on my hair – chin-length and straight – and I looked like Little Orphan Annie (no offense to the popular character). What I did was I went to a salon and asked someone to undo it. I had to sign a release form saying I would not hold the person responsible if my hair turned an odd color or if it fell out. He used the same solution on my hair as he would have used to make it curly; however, this time, he pulled to make it straight. It worked save for one spot near the base of my head was done (maybe he forgot) so I watched the squiggle grow out as my hair grew.

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    1. I asked a hairdresser to take the curls out but he told me he and not many other hairdresser to that because it’s not good for the hair 😦 so I just wait till it goes out or till it grow as long so I can cut it 🙂 and thank you for your nice commen 😀

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      1. You’re welcome. Maybe they told you to wait because your hair is long, and it might not come out evenly. Another hair experience was a few summers ago, when after a few years of not highlighting my hair I decided to do it again. The hairdresser put in hi and low lights, which I didn’t know about until he combed it out. Arrghhh! I cut it very short (the shortest it’s ever been), and for a while it was uneven kinda funky. Now I’m waiting for my bangs to grow out so I can wear it in a chin-length bob. “Hair always grows,” they told me after the color fiasco. It does. 🙂

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      2. oh.. okay, and yes.. I think so too now you mention it :)..

        thank you for telling me your experiences, I like to read about it :D.

        in the beginning of my curly hair, my bangs were short so it was not pretty at all and actually I got burned on the forehead and my face got so much acne and my face turned really red because I was too sensitive.


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