How much money mean$


Now a days, money means everything. When I see how stressed out people are and how people get mean when they are stressed, they let it out on other people if they don’t think it goes fast enough. People forget to be nice.

I can feel how stressed out I am about not having money for my rent, for the stuff I’d like to buy or need.

Money can make you jalous if you don’t have any yourself. Money can make you insane and make you do anything to get any. Money is being a mean and evil thing. You can’t do anything for free anymore and if you need a favor, not many want to do it for free.

If you have alot of money, you never know if they really like you for being you or for being rich. You can be the smartest in the world but money can make you so stupid.

I don’t say money is only a bad thing, but they can make you mad.

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